haydenlawnHumans of ASU is a  project of students of Professor Sarah Amira de la Garza in COM263, Elements of Intercultural Communication, in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, at Arizona State University. The project was inspired through the feedback and suggestions of her students during the Fall semester of 2016 and begun in Spring 2017.

Inspired by the Humans of New York project started by Brandon Stanton, students watched interview segments of him discussing his work as a way to better understand the simple, respectful, and genuinely interested approaches he has used to connect with people he meets every day.   As students are learning about values, identity, and flexibility when communicating with persons who are culturally different from them, they practiced basic interviewing skills for connecting with others through the power of stories.

Additional practice with learning how to have short conversations that are meaningful and rooted in an interest in people’s stories drew on the questions used and suggested by StoryCorps, a project also begun in New York City, in 2003. Students practiced by interviewing each other using the questions that felt the most natural and interesting to them.

Students obtained signed release forms from all individuals included in the Humans of ASU project, and photos and text were archived without their names. Questions about the project and how it has been integrated in the course by Dr. de la Garza may be sent to her using our Comments page.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the Humans of ASU through this project!