“I hope to move abroad one day”


“My ancestors are from Spain and France, and they migrated to Mexico before I was born. I’m first generation from the United States. The diversity in my family has helped me learn six different languages. Understanding how people differ in different cultures is important to me. I studied abroad in Morocco and Paris, and noticed a difference in their practice of religion. In Morocco, Christianity is heavily based, and they have a call to prayer every day for an hour around noon. I will stick with going to church every Sunday instead. It’s nice to resort to Christianity for stress. But without having an open mind to explore how countries work, I wouldn’t have been able to accept Morocco’s customs as easily. Since I have an open mind when traveling, I don’t judge but instead I take things as a learning experience. Being from a family that’s not afraid of branching out, I hope to move abroad one day with my supply chain major.”

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