“I don’t like to see my friends sad”


Jungle Gym Times
“I have always been the one in my group of friends to act crazy and push everyone to also do crazy things so we could have good memories together. I don’t like to see my friends sad so I would try and cheer them up. One time, my friends and I were at this park at 2am playing on the jungle gym and swings. There was this peculiar ride there that was made of a rope and a small platform attached to the bottom of that rope. If you stand on it and swing forward, the whole apparatus would slide down this cable across the jungle gym. So to be goofy, I had all ten of my friends climb on to it at once, this ride was only made for one person at a time originally, and we swung all the way across the jungle gym laughing. I do these things because they make my friends happy and gives me a lot of enjoyment too!”

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