The Two of Us

Adaptable – “Moving to Arizona from Chicago, I was able to adapt and fit in pretty well here.”
Exuberant – “I like to have fun and go out… I’m pretty energetic when it comes to gatherings.”
Generous – “Im a giver… In fact she’s having my son!”
Amiable – “I’d like to think of myself as being kind and friendly.”
Rational – “I like to think decisions thoroughly and logically.”

Pregnant – “im pregnant”
Unassuming – “I know im awesome and I don’t need to brag about it.”
Practical – “I follow the recipe usually to the dot.”
Intuitive – “I’m usually the type to follow my instincts”
Frank- “I tell it how I see it, even if its not pretty.”
Introverted – “I’m pretty quiet and shy.”

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