At times he can be really derpy

“My parents moved here to America in 1996, shortly after my brother was born in 97 and i in 98. Ever since i was young my parents were always busy. Being immigrants both of my parents had to work a packed schedule in order for our family to survive. Because of this most of the time it was just my brother and i. “Tell me about your relationship with your brother, is it good? Bad? Or maybe even weird?” well since my parents were always gone i was the one who had to watch the house and take care of my brother even though my brother was older than me. We spent a lot of time learning how to cook and watching cartoons together. The first one i remember watching was pokemon! But anyways, i would say my relationship with my brother is pretty good now. At times he can be really derpy, slow, and kinda annoying, but i still care for him because family.”

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