As a freshman I have 95 credit hours

“High school was really good. I come from a pretty small high school… relatively small, i have a close knit friend group of five guys but i was friends with everyone so i could walk around and say hi to everyone. One of the best parts of high school was the sports. I played football, soccer, track, basketball and club soccer. Through all four years i played each sport every year. I developed a bond with my high school teammates. I played more sports than anyone else, I was constantly busy. I was also a national AP scholar, I took the most college classes in anyone in the history of my county, as a freshman i have 95 credit hours. Not only that but I had a part time job at a grocery store on my free time on sundays. All in all I had a lot on my plate but thats what was fun for me in high school. Some people don’t think that that life would be fun but all in all that’s what the best part of high school was for me.”

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